COVID-19 Response Products

FDA-Registered, WHO-Formula Hand Sanitizer

80% Alcohol Content. Liquid, not a gel, that can used as a hand rub or surface disinfectant.


• FDA-registered product NDC-77364-001
• World Health Organization formula manufactured in FDA-registered facility
• Medical‐grade “instant” sanitizer at 80% denatured ethyl alcohol content with bittering agent
• 27 CFR 21.151: S.D.A. 1, 40‐B w/o tert‐butyl alcohol

CDC Recommended Usage

• Apply product to the palm of one hand.
• Rub hands together.
• Rub the product over all surfaces of hands and fingers until hands are dry.

Price and Packaging
• $234 per case ($39 per 2-liter jugs)
• Case includes 6 jugs (equivalent to 3.17 gallons)


• This will not be available on the New Pig Energy or New Pig Corporation websites. It must be ordered by phone or email.
• 1‐855‐744‐5463
• Penny McCreary at


• Case includes six 2-liter jugs
• Equivalent to 3.17 gallons

• For external use only.
• Flammable. Keep away from heat or flame.

WHO Warning for Hand Rub Dispenser Locations
Handrub dispensers should not be placed above or close to potential sources of ignition, such as light switches and electrical outlets, or next to oxygen or other medical gas outlets (because of the increased risk of vapours igniting).