Trenchless Curved Silt Fence

Trenchless Curved Silt Fence

  • SRD564, SRD568, SRD244, SRD248

PA DEP approved Alternative BMP

Innovative / Award-winning / Patent-Pending
The most Cost-effective solution on the market

  • 49% less expensive than compost sock
  • 32% less expensive than super silt fence
  • 7X lower freight and delivery expenses

Based on average cost per linear foot for materials and installation, inspection, and sediment removal, repair and replacement and removal and disposal. Now there’s a better way to provide perimeter erosion and sediment control.

PIG® Trenchless Curved Silt Fence

Traditional solutions like silt fences and compost socks pose high costs for installation, maintenance and disposal. Worse yet, they’re prone to failure if trenching and backfilling is not done properly. Introducing a better way to work: the revolutionary Trenchless Curved Silt Fence.

The PIG® Trenchless Curved Silt Fence overcomes the disadvantages of traditional silt fences and compost socks with a patent-pending design that includes the best features of both.

Our innovative “curved” design redirects hydrostatic force for at least 30% more tipping stability a standard silt fence.

The “curved” fence is modeled after the onion tanks from World War II fueling and water storage depots. This self-supporting design increases tipping stability compared to a vertical wall.

New Pig’s ground-hugging sock technology anchors the base of the fence with a sand tube encased by a hydrophobic outer scrim laminated to a polypropylene woven layer. The outside scrim keeps the sand tube from absorbing water, so it resists water logging and freezing, both while in storage and in use. The woven layer provides durability and resistance to drops, punctures and tears, similar to sand bags.

  • No trenching or post hole digging —
    • Patent-pending sand tube and T-post system quick and easy to install; superior performance at minimal cost
  • Convenient transport —
    • 24-foot kit weighs less than 130 pounds; load onto an ATV for easy on-site handling
  • Reusable hardware —
    • Save costs from site to site by keeping and redeploying the main components; just replace the fabric
  • No sharp wire or fence parts —
    • All components are thoughtfully designed for long useful life and installer safety