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As oil and gas exploration increased in the Appalachian basin, New Pig Corporation recognized an opportunity for innovation. Because Pennsylvania regulations define a reportable spill as five gallons or more spilled directly to the ground, a number of operators started using impoundment liners on the working surface of the well sites. By the lining the surface of the well sites, the operators were providing secondary containment under the rigs, tanks, and equipment. Impoundment liners, however, were never designed to be walked on or driven on by heavy equipment. The plastic liners were smooth--leading to slip and fall incidents. Under equipment traffic, they cracked in the cold and were punctured and torn. 

In 2011, New Pig worked with operators and regulators on the performance issues of texture, toughness, and chemical compatibility to design the PIG® Well Pad Liner. The original 100–mil thick PIG® Well Pad Liner is a composite with a high coefficient of friction under wet or spill conditions. It is the first liner certified by the National Flooring and Safety Institute (NFSI) as a high traction work surface. The multiple-layer polypropylene composite is strong enough to resist stone punctures and tire tearing while providing the needed chemical compatibility with oils, solvents and acids. This combination of benefits earned the 100–mil liner Environmental Protection’s “New Product of the Year” award for 2011. In 2012, New Pig worked to extend the life of the liner from one operation, such as air drilling only, to multiple operations. The 130–mil liner was designed to meet this need. The 130–mil thick liner can be installed for the air rig and then left in place for the fluid rig, completions and flow back operations. The 130–mil liner is more durable and puncture resistant than the original liner, while maintaining the same high-traction work surface. The increase in durability allows operators to greatly reduce the number of rig mats used on site, which reduces the overall well site cost and the amount of liner being sent to the landfill. Once again, Environmental Protection named the PIG® Well Pad Liner–130 mil as its “New Product of the Year” award winner for 2012. 

In 2012, well site secondary containment became required by PA Act 13 of 2012 for both drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations--leading New Pig Corporation to focus a dedicated effort on the oil and gas industry. A new subsidiary, New Pig Energy, was founded on January 1, 2013. 

In 2013, the new subsidiary worked to reduce the radiant heat from liners during the summer months, especially during completions operations. Changing the color of the fibers in top layers of the PIG® Well Pad liners reduced the surface temperature by 10º to 15º F, reducing heat stress on workers. For the third straight year, Environmental Protection honored New Pig Energy with a “New Product of the Year” award.

For the past two years, New Pig Energy has continued improve on their products and expand their services. The company has grown to include locations in Altoona, Tyrone and West Mayfield, PA and a warehouse in WY. New innovations in site clean-up technology, introduced in 2014, have changed the way liners can be prepped for recycling or disposal. The custom machinery used by New Pig Energy has helped operators reduce the number of waste receptacle needed by up to 50%, greatly reducing disposal costs.

In July of 2015, New Pig Energy engineered another option in secondary containment with the introduction of the PIG® Dual Surface Liner–40 mil. The newest product is still well pad tough with the same NFSI–certified high-traction work surface. It is, however, light weight with low liquid absorption—making it great for folding and moving from site to site.

The unconventional oil and gas industry continues to evolve and change. Additional environmental regulations, changes in the market and new drilling/completions practices have added new levels of complexity to the industry landscape. New Pig Energy looks forward to working with our industry partners as we continue to meet these new challenges head-on with innovative new products and service solutions. 

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Located in the heart of the Appalachia Shale in central Pennsylvania, New Pig Energy has worked closely with shale efforts to develop the PIG® Well Pad Liner and other unique drive-over berm and containment products. Our goals are to meet strict environmental requirements for well pads and to create safe, contained worksites for incident-free operations. With multiple warehouse locations in PA and WY, the PIG® Well Pad Liner is available for immediate delivery or pickup for all of your shale containment needs. New Pig Energy–Secondary Containment from the Leak & Spill Experts™