Heat Dispersion Ducting

Heat Dispersion Ducting

Heat Dispersion Ducting is designed and engineered to disperse heat evenly throughout Tank End Enclosures.

Heat Dispersion Ducting is manufactured in America from non-porous polyester material and can eliminate up to 60% of the heaters previously needed to heat specific targets on your pad operation.

Heat Dispersion Ducting Components – Attached with heat-resistant nylon zippers

  • 2' Inactive
  • 2' Active Air Outlets (AAO)
  • 5' Inactive
  • 15' Inactive
  • 5' Twisty
  • Cross – Multiple Heat Targets
  • End Caps


  • Included with the RU/RD of Tank End Enclosures
  • Simple roll out/cookie cutter installation after Tank End Enclosures RU

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