Muscle Wall

  • PLR5200, PLR5201

This engineered wall system is used to construct tank and other secondary containments. The design allows for fast and easy installation.

  • Patented system is designed and tested to withstand catastrophic failures
  • 2'-high interlocking walls create a strong, symmetrical containment system
  • Connection point acts as a hinge, allowing for 22° of motion for flexibility and oddly shaped installations
  • Corner pieces allow the system to form 90° angles
  • Ratchet straps restrain adjacent panels and also secure the containment liner to the wall
  • Eliminates labor-intensive welding and use of screws to secure the liner to the wall
  • 0.25"-thick wall constructed of durable, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) provides great UV, chemical and cold-crack resistance
  • 55-lb walls can be easily installed
  • Walls nest together for easy transportation

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