PIG Corrugated Pipe Cradle – 18 inch

  • PLR1800

This unique 18" Corrugated Pipe Cradle is used to construct tank and other secondary containments. The design eliminates the shifting and/or roll out of the corrugate under load.

  • This patent-pending product is designed to fit 18" ID corrugated pipe to produce a 24"-high berm
  • The constructed containment is stable and won’t move or collapse when full
  • Self-supporting design eliminates need for hand-welding or hundreds of screws 
  • Symmetrical design with easy liner attachment on both sides of the cradle takes the guesswork out of placement
  • Cradle should be placed every 5' along the length of the corrugated pipe and at the corrugated pipe joints
  • The indented cradle holds two corrugated pipes together, which can be screwed securely
  • The cradle can also be used as a pipe support for 3"-diameter (or less) pipes at a height of 12"
  • Nestable, lightweight design saves transportation charges and storage space (50 units/pallet)
  • Durable linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) construction provides great UV, chemical and cold crack resistance
  • Contains up to 50% recycled polyethylene

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