Protection Mats

PIG Sheet Protection Mat

  • PAD1000, PAD1100, GEN4000, GEN4001

The PIG Sheet Protection Mat offers a durable, nonslip surface for vehicles, construction equipment and pedestrians during drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations. The PIG Sheet Protection Mat is designed to help protect secondary containment liners from tears and punctures from vehicle and forktruck traffic.

  • Quick and easy to install, can be easily maneuvered by two people
  • Complements rig mats; where cranes and heavy lifting equipment can’t fit, PIG Sheet Protection Mats can be carried in and set by hand
  • Lower transportation and handling costs than traditional rig mat options
  • Perfect for the missile area on completion sites to protect from dropped iron
  • Recycled HDPE mats are only 1⁄2" thick, but amazingly tough and flexible; able to bear loads up to 160,000 lbs. UDL
  • Help protect against property and environmental damage
  • Reduce patching and repair costs to liner
  • Weatherproof, water and chemical resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents and drilling fluids
  • Two- and four-way connectors available

Need a custom solution for your drilling operation? Call the New Pig Energy secondary containment experts at 1-855-PIG-LINER (744-5463).