Chemical Compatibility

New Pig Liner Chemical Compatibility

Chemical Compatibility Guide for:

  • PIG® Universal Mat Pads, Pulp, Rolls and Tablets (Gray)
  • PIG® CHAT MAT® and Chat Sock® Absorbents
  • PIG® High-Visibility Pads and Rolls (Yellow)
  • PIG® TRAFFIC MAT® Pads and Rugs
  • PIG® Universal 4 IN 1® Mat (Gray)
  • PIG® Universal HAM-O® Pads, Pillows, Rolls, Socks and Tablets
  • PIG® Well Pad Liner

Silaprene Solid Seal Caulk Chemical Compatibility

Abstract: This test evaluates the ability of New Pig’s Silaprene® Solid Seal® Caulk to maintain a seal after prolonged exposure to various chemicals that might be experienced on a well pad. The test was designed to simulate a spill condition where the caulk would be exposed to the chemical. The caulk was evaluated over a defined period of time and a rating was given based on how long the seal was maintained. All of the chemicals tested resulted in a “Good” rating when no leak was recorded after twenty four hours.